Christmas memories

It feels like ages since I've written a post... Life has been so bussy and one day has followed the next. I'm finally done with all of my exams, yaya! And I already got the results from the first one aaaand I passed! I haven't been as active on this blog or on instagram as... Continue Reading →


When you wanna go… but maybe not..?

I miss writing soooo bad 😭 it's just, with the upcoming finals during the next two weeks I have no spare moment... All my days consist of eating (well, duh), sleeping, studying, going to the gym, buying food (only essentials and comfort-foods, lol, #examlife) and worrying about the exams... well, I try to minimise the... Continue Reading →

Normal Days

I've not been so active lately... neither on the blog, nor on Instagram 😛 Truth is, I'm sooo busy and there is sooo much to do! This is my first evening at home, alone in what seems forever... and I'm really enjoying it. Well, I've also enjoyed the last couple of evenings, spending time with... Continue Reading →

…it just blooms

"A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms." - Zen Shin ...and I'll just straight out present the conclusion, right here and now: "Life is too short to compete and compare yourself to the flowers standing next to you"   During the last few days I've been... Continue Reading →


Okay, so I know I'm gonna enter a giant minefield here... Yesterday, I talked with a member of my family (I'd like to keep his/her identity anonymous due to confidentiality and privacy), who thinks that I don't have a boyfriend yet because I have a mental illness and because I write so openly about it... Continue Reading →

real talk

I haven't posted in a while. And to be honest, I feel anxious writing this... It has been a little difficult to write blog posts, lately. I felt like I needed to censor myself. To candy-coat how I am actually doing. Keep up the face of being an advocate for mental health. And I still am.... Continue Reading →

Silence the mockery

I've been thinking about uploading this blog post that I wrote some weeks ago. Buuuut... #life happened. Basically. So, here it finally comes! ~ Yesterday I went to a youth gathering in my church - after a tough and supposedly never-ending week. Already on wednesday I started feeling the weight of a 6-year psychology study... Continue Reading →

I have a heart

Walking down the road. In my pj and a big, whoolen scarf. Trying not to cry, to not despair. To escape the omni-present train of curriculm racing through my head. Avoide noticing the blood pumping loudly in my head. Ignore the weight of guilt of not studying in this very second... And I put one... Continue Reading →

Sometimes we break so beautiful

Yesterday I got a nervous breakdown. I've never experienced it before. Never tasted the feeling of not being in control of my own body. And it was really, really frightening. How did it happen? Like lightening from a clear sky. I sat on my bed, studying scientific theory, when all of a sudden my eyes... Continue Reading →

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